Keeping your pet at a healthy weight

Studies show we are notoriously poor at assessing our pet's weight (My pet isn't fat, he just furry!).  Our affectionate blindness does little to alleviate the growing problem of dog and cat obesity.  Some breeds are prone to becoming overweight and likely need their owners to be extra vigilant about helping them fend off extra pounds.  But no pet is immune, and the list of possible consequences is long.  Overweight pets can suffer from arthritis, diabetes, kidney stones, hip dysplasia, heat intolerance, hypertension and a decreased lifespan, just to name a few conditions that can impact your furry friend.

If your pet is flabby, take action now. A visit with your veterinarian should be first on your list.  Together, you can develop a plan to reduce food intake and ramp up daily exercise. Consider switching to low calorie treats or cutting back on them. If time is in short supply, consider hiring a dog walker for the summer.